Your First Visit

Consultation / First Appointments

There will not be a charge for your initial visit to our office. We recommend that you bring an x-ray (panorex) that is recent (within 9 months).

No referral is necessary, a consultation can be scheduled either by you or your General Dentist. A letter will be sent to you welcoming you into the practice. Upon arrival to the office, simply "check in" at the front desk and give the receptionist your panorex x-ray. The panorex x-ray is necessary for Dr. Ghilzon to do an accurate diagnosis. If your General Dentist has not provided you with a recent panorex x-ray (within 9 months), one will be taken at our office.

You will then be taken to a consultation room where you will meet Dr. Ghilzon and you will receive an oral examination. Dr. Ghilzon will spend approximately a half hour during which time he will talk about your teeth and your bite. He will give you an idea of what treatment will be required. Sometimes we will need additional records; in that case, another appointment will be scheduled.

When you leave our office, most times you will have a good idea of what is needed to bring your teeth to optimum condition.

Please bring your insurance information so we can give you a preauthorization form for you to submit to your insurance company. Once you submit this, it will allow the insurance company to determine what is covered.

The quoted fees include all services rendered in our office. Additional fees may be charged for lost, broken items or replacement retainers. These fees do not include regular dental check-ups or dental work performed outside our office.