Oral Hygiene

How do I care for braces?

While wearing braces it is necessary to brush your teeth after each meal, cleaning around the teeth as well as the spaces between the gum and the brackets. It is also necessary to massage the gums to prevent them from swelling. The staff will demonstrate how to best care for the teeth, gums and braces. You will be instructed on proper brushing and massaging techniques as well as how to floss properly to maintain good oral hygiene.

What foods can I eat?

A careful orthodontic patient can eat almost any type of food. There are some foods that are not recommended. Hard foods may bend wires, and break brackets. Foods like popcorn, peanuts, peanut brittle, bread sticks, ice cubes and pizza crust must be avoided.

Can I chew gum when braces are on my teeth?

Sticky foods like gum, toffee and caramels should be avoided as they can cause damage by bending wires, loosening bands and breaking brackets.

Do I need to see my General Dentist during my orthodontic treatment?

Regular hygiene appointments at your General Dentist must continue during treatment. Adults with periodontal problems should continue to see their Periodontist during orthodontic treatment.