Who We Are

About Ghilzon Orthodontics

At Ghilzon Orthodontics, our entire focus is on you, our patient.

Dr. Ghilzon is a Specialist in Orthodontics with many years of experience. His non-extraction philosophy is a preferred choice of treatment by his patients. Dr. Ghilzon has a Masters in Orthodontics (MS) from the University of Detroit, Doctor in Dental Surgery (DDS) from the University of Detroit and a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.) from Wayne State University. He is a former Crown and Bridge Instructor at the University of Detroit and practiced as a general dentist in Windsor before specializing.

The number one goal for his patients is to achieve an excellent occlusion (bite) so teeth can last for a lifetime. With an extensive background in general dentistry, complex dental problems can be diagnosed more effectively as an orthodontic specialist.

The office has a warm, family friendly atmosphere and our staff is unique in helping patients feel at ease.

Our greatest compliment throughout the years has been repeated referrals by our patients to their family and friends.


The best compliment our patients can give us is the recommendation to their Friends and Co-Workers. Many of you do this every day and we want to show our appreciation. Thank you for your referrals!

Dr. Ghilzon
Thank you for fixing my smile. I try to show your good work!
J.L.R. - Skate Canada

Dr. Ghilzon
I wanted to show my appreciation for your kindness towards K and for your time. It meant a lot to us. This is life-changing for K.
I thank you so much L.T. & K.W.

Dr. Ghilzon
I just wanted to Thank You for all you are doing for my Granddaughter N. I appreciate that in todays day and age there is still someone like you – considering someone like me who wanted to do something Great for my Granddaughter.
Thank You form the Greatest parts of my Heart, N.

Dear Dr. Ghilzon
I really want to thank you for this wonderful opportunity that you have made possible for me. I appreciate all that you have done, you are an amazing orthodontist. Even though this adventure has a lot of ups and downs, it is totally worth it all. The surgery was the best decision ever made and everyday it gets better and better!! I am so grateful for your expertise and guidance. Thanks so much for all the appointments and booking the surgical date. Sincere thanks again for making such a fantastic difference.
Much Thanks and Gratitude, E.M.